Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

The statements in this page include privacy policy of the means used across the Koleksiyon corporate website, and cover information pertaining to the nature of the content provided and access facilities.

1- General

Koleksiyon Furniture Ltd., hereinafter referred to as “Koleksiyon”, adopts as a principle to protect the privacy of the visitors of its website. Therefore, this privacy statement (“Privacy Policy”) describes what kind of information for users, while using our website, is gathered by Koleksiyon and how this information is used and protected. It is also specified, within the framework of this Privacy Statement, how the accuracy of this information can be controlled by you and how you can have this information deleted by applying to Koleksiyon if you desire. Any requirements needed to process and use the said information in accordance with the current and applicable data protection regulations will be fulfilled by Koleksiyon.

This Privacy Statement does not apply to other web sites whose links are given in the Koleksiyon website (hyperlinked websites).

2- Collection, use and processing of personal information

The information of a certain user to be used or processed is possible only if this person provides data of his own accord or explicitly gives his consent in this regard. Providing data or giving explicit consent in this regard indicates that the person agrees with the following points.

When you visit our website, some information required by system management, statistics and “backup” applications will be automatically stored in our servers. Among this data are the name of your Internet service provider, your IP address in some cases, version of your web browser software, operating systems of the computer being accessed, website that directs to us, other sites you visit while you are in our website and search terms you used to find our website. Depending on the situation, such data allow drawing some conclusions regarding the website user. However, no personal information will be used in this context. Such personal data can only be used by anonymising the information. If Koleksiyon forwards this data to an outside service provider, all necessary technical and organizational procedures to transfer this data within the framework of current and applicable regulations will be performed.

If you provide your personal information willingly, Koleksiyon undertakes that they will be used, processed or transferred within the limitations specified by the law or in the privacy statement of users. Transfer of such personal information to third parties will be possible provided that it is required by judicial or administrative authorities or a need for disclosure is prescribed by regulations

Information of our Members/Customers and their memberships and/or contact information they provide while they shop and other information will be kept by us. This information can be stored indefinitely by Koleksiyon Furniture Inc. and said organizations to carry out and update your membership processes provide/sell to you several product/services by Koleksiyon Furniture Inc. and group companies and business partners and suppliers, for collection of product/service fees/costs. The information may also be used in various introductory advertising, promotions, communication, sales, marketing and shopping card applications. They can be processed, shared and used when required.

Possible changes to this Privacy Statement will be posted in this page. In this context, you will be informed of what kind of personal information is stored and how this information is used.

3- Security

Koleksiyon stores your personal information in a secure manner; therefore, it continuously takes all necessary precautions against any form of loss, misuse or alteration of said information. Koleksiyon’s contractual partners that have access to your personal information to provide you with necessary services are obliged, under the contractual obligations, to keep this information confidential and not to use for any other purpose. In some cases, it will be required to share your personal information with Koleksiyon group companies or affiliated companies. In such situations, your information will be considered confidential.

4- Personal information of children

The Koleksiyon website is intended for use by adults and it is not intended for children. Koleksiyon is not interested in information related to children under 18 years of age. Koleksiyon will provide clear guidance on appropriate places in the website to warn children against sending personal information of a person. If parents or legal guardians have any doubts that children under their supervision have sent information about any person to Koleksiyon, and if they want the said information to be deleted, we kindly ask them to contact us at the following address (see Article 6). In such a case, the said information will be deleted immediately.

5- “Cookies”

Koleksiyon uses “cookies” in order to facilitate the use of this website, except original information sent to you within a "cookie". Thus, it is possible to serve you better when you return to our website. “Cookies” are small text files that are sent to and stored in the computer of the user to enable web pages to identify regular users and to allow them to enter the site easily, and to store and compile collective data with the purpose of improving and developing site contents. “Cookies” are used for the purpose of providing you with services or information suitable to your needs and interests. The existing session control information in the cookies will allow you to use our web site easier and faster, as well as best user experience conditions.

The cookies in our site do not contain or disclose any personal information. The information transferred by means of cookies is not used for any promotion or marketing purposes. Koleksiyon’s web pages follow usage patterns in order to enhance our web site’s usefulness and effectiveness. However, this information cannot be sold to third parties or shared with them under any circumstances.

By making necessary configurations in the web browser you are using, you can delete preloaded cookies, block cookies from being loaded in future or provide that your browser alert you when they are loading (Browser bar `Tools’ – Internet Options). We would like to emphasize that cookies might be needed to run our web site properly and to perform specific functions.

By using this site, you hereby agree to be bound by Koleksiyon’s Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to Koleksiyon’s Privacy Policy, please do not use our web site. Koleksiyon reserves the right to modify, remove or add to this Privacy Policy at its discretion. Continuing to use this web page after modifications to the Privacy Policy means you accept any changes to said Privacy Policy.

6- Your requests and questions

The stored information will be erased by Koleksiyon when the legal or contractual filing period is over or when Koleksiyon does not need it any more. However, you can request information be deleted at any time. Also in the future, you can at any time withdraw your consent about the use or processing of your personal data. In such cases or for any other questions regarding your personal information, you can contact us by e-mail. For questions regarding your personal information stored or the usage area, you can contact us with the same method. We will do our best to reply to your requests immediately.

7- Facebook plug-in applications

The Facebook plug-in link managed by Facebook Inc. can be placed in our web page.

If you use one of Facebook’s Plug-in functions (e.g. if you click the “Like” button or leave a comment), this information will be recorded in your Facebook account as well. Information regarding Facebook’s data collection and your rights about protection of your personal information and utilities are found on Facebook’s data use policy page on the company’s website.

If you do not wish to have information from your visits to Koleksiyon’s website to be recorded on Facebook logout of your Facebook account before you visit our site.

8- Digital Marketing Applications

In order to perform remarketing via digital tools such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords etc., Koleksiyon reserves the right to associate behavior patterns of the users visiting the website with cookies in the browser and to identify remarketing lists based on metrics such as number of page views, visit duration and target completion number.

Within this context, those users who don’t want their interest areas to be stored can cancel this function by editing their advertising preferences. The user advertising preferences will be applied only to the user browser of the related computer. When users delete cookies in their browsers, it will be reset. Click to edit your ads preferences.

Users who want to stay outside the scope of Google Analytics can install the Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add on to their browser.

In order to perform remarketing via Google Analytics tools, the behavior pattern of the user visiting the website is associated with a cookie in the browser. Remarketing lists identified in Google Analytics will automatically be sent to Google AdWords. Later, target specific advertising content will be shown to the user in accordance with their area of interests in the website or in other websites included in the Google Display Network.

Ad content is shown as targeted according to the user's’ area of interests in other websites in the Google Display Network.

Based on the visits users have paid to the website, and in order to collect information about ads, and to optimize and publish ads, remarketing lists are generated by third-party providers including Google, first-party cookies (Google Analytics cookie), and third-party cookies (DoubleClick cookies), and Google Analytics. Accordingly, considering users’ visit metrics and their areas of interest, target specific ad content is shown in the website or in other sites in the Google Display Network.

9- Product Information

Technical information such as model, size, materials, fabric, color given in the Koleksiyon corporate website. For final information, you should contact sales representatives and get detailed information.