A Young Team, A Dynamic Space The yemeksepeti.com Campus Building

The Campus Building of yemeksepeti.com in Balmumcu, project design and implementation by Erginoğlu & Çalışlar Architecture, has been designed not only with a young, dynamic approach but also with a view to reinforce employees’ sense of belonging.

The average age of employees in online and tech companies is getting younger and younger. This brought about the need to prioritize a “young, dynamic and fun” design concept for yemeksepeti.com whose Campus Building in Balmumcu consists of five storeys. The yemeksepeti.com Campus Building, over 2.000 m2, has been marked with the signature of Erginoğlu & Çalışlar Architecture with changes made to the existing structure. The main focus in the yemeksepeti.com campus building has been to create spacious and well-lit areas that reinforce a sense of belonging, where vivid colors are the focal point of attention.

An emphasis on practical dynamism and a hint of whimsy has been introduced by turning the freight elevator into a conference room that can be beckoned and used by staff on each floor. Massage rooms, punch bags, basketball and foosball areas all increase the teams’ motivations by bringing fun and relaxation into a stressful working environment. The attic of the office building has been designed as an activity and meeting area. Modular furniture was specified to provide flexibility, making it possible to carry out a variety of activities in groups including viewing projected presentations.

Meeting and conference rooms are enclosed in glass intending to uphold the company’s open door policy which is an important part of the corporate culture at yemeksepeti.com.
yemeksepeti.com, a company founded in 2000, completed its newest campus building in 2012. The building boasts sweeping workspaces furnished with Barbari desking systems, designed by Studio Kairos, and are complemented with Path pedestals, designed by Koleksiyon Design Director, Koray Malhan. Tristan office chairs, designed by Gerhard Reichert and Eckhard Hansen are standardized throughout all workspaces. Koleksiyon has also designed custom pieces for this significant project, all seen inside this campus building.

PROJECT: yemeksepeti.com
ARCHITECT: Erginoğlu&Çalışlar Architects