E & Y (Ernst & Young) is Redesigned with Koleksiyon Office Furniture

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Istanbul/Turkey, February 2016. Koleksiyon, aiming to bring individualized solutions to utilize workspaces in the most feasible way, has developed the re-work theme using the 'Open Work' philosophy, continues to bring new approaches. E & Y is one of the leading projects of Koleksiyon with its currently renewed headquarters in İstanbul.

E & Y, an industry leader in corporate finance, consultation, and auditing, has renovated its headquarters in Turkey. The company, which employs more than 190,000 employees globally, envisioned an office that reflected a work-life balance, one of E & Y’s primary core values.

To achieve this, Koleksiyon furniture was used throughout the five-story building to create and provide areas that promote employee interaction. The office, located in the Orjin Maslak Plaza, was awarded with the LEED gold certificate in recognition of the automated and energy efficient heating and lighting systems used throughout the design. Additionally, the 11,000 sqm space was upgraded with new technologies and maintenance facilities.

For this project, Koleksiyon’s Atos designed by Faruk Malhan and Barbari designed by Studio Kairos were selected as desk systems which are capable of fulfilling the needs of various spaces. Additionally, the designers chose multi-functional Ikaros sofa which is also a good alternative to a desk, designed by Koray Malhan, Suri pouf designed by Sezgin Aksu and Silvia Suardi, Botero armchair designed by Faruk Malhan and with its comfortable high back providing privacy, Babil Serdiyar sofa for common areas.