Ikaros is awarded a MetropolisLike 2015 at Neocon

Do you dream of working from a sofa? Ikaros has landed, with a practical solution at hand. Designed for the modern mobile worker, this winged lounge seating collection serves many purposes and people in the workplace. Cleverly designed extension wings offer horizontal work surfaces neatly integrated into today’s modular sofa.

This sofa is offered in two sizes, with a range of upholstery options specified to hug both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Working from either side of the sofa is what is clever about Ikaros. Invite an extended group for a meeting or conversation at a moment’s notice. A breakout companion corner chair offers a complement to the collection; all with attached desking surfaces that will cradle your laptop or tablet with room to spare for coffee.
An informal team meeting will find this environment the perfect solution for conversation and work; as the design permits flexibility in applications as diverse as break out areas, the corner office, or multi-tasking reception spots.

In collaboration with noted Danish textile manufacturer Kvadrat, Koleksiyon’s products also feature dynamic new contract fabrics by Kvadrat.
Founded over 40 years ago, Koleksiyon has built their culture of collaboration through their work with artists, architects, and designers. This vision was established by Faruk Malhan, founder and architect. He believes that design is well-executed only when attention-to-detail is equally balanced with an intrinsic respect for materials. That an artistic eye is a companion to industrial design excellence. And, lastly that work and life are equally informed by culture.

These elements have combined to inform the brand and celebrate the human form. This holistic approach differentiates the brand in the North American market; and enables the customer to experience Koleksiyon from a unique and differentiated perspective.