Koleksiyon Furnishes New Headquarters of Tech Wildcatters in Dallas

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Dallas/USA, February 2016. The workplace is constantly evolving. As the office environment becomes more social, spaces need to follow suit by providing collaborative areas for workers to brainstorm and exchange ideas with one another. Offices with an open and flexible floor plans are on the rise, and the new Tech Wildcatters headquarters in Dallas is an example of the changing workplace layout.

Offices that promote transparency and flexibility enable a variety of working methods. The company, which invests money and resources into promising startups, has a mission to mirror life outside of the office. Tech Wildcatters’ headquarters combines lifestyle amenities like tennis tables, social bar areas and quiet zones with “whimsical” areas that promote both interaction and privacy.

The new space showcases playful and smart furniture including stand-sit-tables and colorful lounge furniture from Koleksiyon. Suri poufs, Dilim sofas, Partita desk systems and Altar meeting tables are some of the products which are used in the design of this project. In the reception area, collaboration and mobility were the main focus and to support this idea, floating conference rooms and presentation areas were created.

“A successful office has its starting point in an office culture. Only after that it is about finding the fitting combination of flexible rooms, individual work stations, communal spaces, social rooms, private and quiet areas, pet-friendly rooms and the used art,” says Architect Nile Tuzun.

It was important for the team to promote an energetic atmosphere in order to induce productivity throughout. One part of a productive office and its staff is taking breaks—the opportunity to play with one’s dog, eat a snack, or play soccer are examples of how staff can pause and catch up on other things aside from work. The new Tech Wildcatters headquarters is flexible and staff-focused while also productive and stylish thanks to Koleksiyon’s various furniture options for the workplace.