Koleksiyon Recognized for Innovative Product Design at NeoCon 2017

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Koleksiyon, manufacturer of innovative solutions for contemporary work culture, is honored to announce that its products, Calder and Boccaporto, received several awards of recognition at this year’s NeoCon, held June 12-14th in Chicago, Illinois. Calder was named a winner in the Furniture category of Metropolis Magazine’s prestigious #MetropolisLikes competition, as well as a finalist in the Workplace: Bench category of Interior Design’s fourth annual HiP Awards. Boccaporto took home a winner’s trophy in the Workplace: Hubs category of the HiP Awards for its outstanding achievement in product design, as well as the Grand Award (1st Place) title in the BUILDINGS Magazine Product Innovations Award competition.

“We are humbled that Calder and Boccaporto were recognized by our peers in the A+D community,” says Başar Bilgin, President of Koleksiyon USA. “As a brand, we continue to strive to bring forth never-before-seen concepts and innovations to the commercial furniture market, which will again be visited with the release of our collaboration with HOK Product Design later this year. “

Koleksiyon’s Calder was selected by the Metropolis Magazine editorial board as a must-see NeoCon product. The #MetropolisLikes accolade highlights innovative and thought-provoking products that will be on display during the NeoCon show. Koleksiyon has been gifted a special trophy designed by Trueing, at A/D/O. Calder was chosen for its unique modular design, which allows the user to configure the collection’s pieces into 45 different variations.

Interior Design's HiP at NeoCon Awards program honors industry influencers and innovative products that challenge the status quo. This year, the public voted in favor of Koleksiyon’s Boccaporto for the prize of best Workplace Hub, noting its technology-centric elements which include an LED light for an gentle glow and USB charging ports to support gadgets. With these ingenuitive features in mind, Boccaporto was also selected as the winner of the BUILDINGS Magazine Product Innovations Award competition, which is to be celebrated with a specially crafted commemorative plaque.

Calder Seating System also gained recognition as a finalist, for its innovative approach to seating, with a modular design and integrated charging port. Both standout products encapsulate Koleksiyon’s point of inspiration, the idea of the ‘Self-Organised Workplace’; the concept harps on how flexibility in furniture configurations can provide the means for alternative and productive methods of communication, and in turn, create unexpected sequences that are beneficial to efficiency and employee wellbeing.

Koray Malhan, Brand and Design Director of Koleksiyon elaborates, “These accolades are not only exciting in that they demonstrate Koleksiyon’s eye for design and idea generation, but also because they show how we’ve grown as creators and collaborators. The work displayed at this year’s NeoCon, our third year of participating, further underscores this notion.”

To get a better understanding of how these designs connect to this theme, please see below for additional product details:


Designed with famous artist Alexander Calder’s renowned abstract mobile sculptures in mind, the Studio Kairos modular unit consists of three moveable poufs and an aluminum tray. The set, which allows four units to be connected to one another in a multitude of formats thanks to specially designed fittings, enables its user to create seemingly endless combinations and a modern, collaboration-oriented space.

As to the preference of its user, Calder is available with power sockets for added convenience. Thanks to its rotatable inner casing, the socket set ensures disguisability when not in use. Calder’s socket set includes 2 child-proof power sockets, 1 USB output, 1 HDMI output and 1 CAT5 Ethernet port. These electric connections are included into the design as a plain detail by virtue of zippers used on the pouf surface.


Boccaporto, designed by Metrica, is a combined seating and working unit developed for open offices and public areas. The cubby unit takes on a softened square shape and cushioned hood to provide an isolated workspace for one to two people; the unit is thus versatile, working as a collaboration unit as well as a location for individual work. Inset power and lighting capabilities elevate the unit, along with vibrant upholstery options, which makes Boccaporto a design focal point for a range of busy spaces, including libraries and airports.