Koleksiyon Presents Poema for Ad Hoc Meetings

Under its ‘Self-Organised Workplace’ theme, Koleksiyon is bringing together next generation office designs, offering unique compositions for alternative office settings. As part of this series, Poema by Studio Kairos creates spatial richness in the work environment with its lower seats and desk. Designed especially for spontaneous meetings or creative team work sessions, Poema presents unique solutions to ever-changing needs.

Approaching the future office space with not only a focus on the decor but also on the effort to understand the future age itself, Koleksiyon is presenting its new designs under the ‘Self-Organised Workplace’ theme. Centered on the active participation of the user, the theme explores the recent flexibilities of the workplace, as well as its interaction with different art disciplines on the human, temporal and spatial platform.
Collective creation model

The idea behind the ‘Self-Organised Workplace’ is not only to create a new approach to the modern workplace but also to turn its users into active participants in the solution process. The designs in this series encourage creating collective models which make it possible to use either single pieces of furniture or to create open compositions that enable alternative workplace settings. Designed by Studio Kairos, Poema stands out in this series as an ideal design for spontaneous meetings or creative team work sessions.
Creates spatial richness

Designed as an alternative workplace setting, Poema’s lower seats and desk replace the standard-height chairs and desks, creating spatial richness in the work environment. The modular elements of the seat and plant units provide an open system wherein a rich variety of compositions serve to meet the ever-changing needs.