Productivity Meets Sociality EY Turkey Headquarters Project

Emphasizing the relation between the success and productive use of office spaces diversifying from one institution and even an internal department to the other, Koleksiyon continues to make new proposals for offices via RE-work theme, which is based on the ‘open work’ philosophy. One of the important global brands, EY’s (Ernst & Young) recently renewed Turkey Headquarters in Istanbul became one of Koleksiyon’s contemporary and remarkable projects. The project, designed by Arch. Timur Kayserilioğlu, stands out with flexible working environments and spaces aiming at creating a balance between work and social life.

Koleksiyon’s RE-work theme undertakes a mission of releasing the souls instead of making the workflow systematic and creating hierarchical management formats. With respect to this approach; the brand is offering new designs that are going to enhance productivity in offices by following the essentials of ‘open work’ philosophy. Within this framework, Koleksiyon is continuing to bring rich and convenient solutions to offices of many institutions from different sectors; such as, finance, education and health in Turkey and all over the world. Providing service in independent audit, consultancy, corporate finance and taxation fields together with its 212 thousand employees at international level, EY Turkey’s Headquarters in Istanbul has been one of the latest projects of the brand. Having taken a decision to renew itself in line with the ‘Vision 2020’ object, EY brought the approach of “work environment independent from strictly defined spaces” to its head office in Turkey towards the importance it refers to the balance between work and social life. This five-storey building draws attention with both; the choices of the building structure and interior design.
Productive work environment in a green building

The building has the LEED Gold certificate, which is admitted as the most reliable and valid “Green Building Certification System”. It is built in such a manner that all the materials and system choices support the savings and local economy. In this context, high-energy conservation is aimed through the automatisation of water use, heating and lighting systems. There are many spaces that meet the needs such as offices that trigger interaction and collaborative work and maintenance field in this center, which is located on approximately 110 square meters zone where advance technology is often used.
Flexible working areas created by Koleksiyon.

The internal construction of the building is built by the ‘open work’ theme designs of Koleksiyon, which are already aligned with EY’s vision. In addition to work stations composed by desks and chairs; spaces are also given sofas, armchairs and coffee tables to create flexible areas to enhance collective work and creativity. Together with these flexible and colorful spaces, industrial references like the visible ventilation spaces in the interior turns the project into an attractive and unique one.
In the conventional workspaces; Faruk Malhan’s design Atos and Studio Kairos’ design Barbari work stations are preferred as desking solutions. On the other hand, Ikaros sofa designed by Koray Malhan, Suri pouf designed by Sezgin Aksu-Silvia Suardi, Botero armchair and Babil Serdiyar sofa designed by Faruk Malhan are placed in open spaces. Marquez chairs, Narcissus, Bremen, Demirhindi and Partita coffee tables become complementary furniture in such open spaces. Barbari and Khan desk systems and international design award-winner Tola office chair are used in meeting rooms. Pasenow, Opera, Dilim and Tellesmar sofas, Cantata chairs and Guamba tables are used in common spaces.

PROJECT: EY Turkey Headquarters
PROJECT DESIGN: Timur Kayserilioğlu
SQM: 11.000 m2