The Award Winning Sitting System Boccaporto

Designed by the Italian design office Metrica for Koleksiyon, Boccaporto wins “Innovation Award Architecture+Office – Special Mention” from AIT magazine at Orgatec in Cologne. Offering power and data capability, Boccaporto stands out as a unique seating collection providing an isolated environment for personal or team work.

The new Koleksiyon sitting system Boccaporto has won the “Innovation Award Achitecture+Office – Special Mention” at Orgatec 2016 in Cologne. The famous German architecture magazines “AIT” together with “xia Intelligente Architektur” has handed out the award for the 9th time, rewarding industrial and processing companies who develop innovative products. The architecture and design competition was launched with the intent to recognize products and solutions on the market that meet the specific expectations of architects to the highest degree. A jury consisting of six architects judged the quality of the 57 submitted products and ultimately chose the nine winning products. Boccoporto won the Award “Special Mention”.
Boccaporto offers the ability to create more private working environments in crowded places such as libraries, airports, etc. It ensures that individual concentration is enhanced as required in common workspaces by creating space within space. In addition to a single-seater type, it is capable to host 2-3 persons and it also allows to create an isolated environment required for team work. Thanks to its unique design sitters can be shielded but open and by themselves but not alone at the same time.

Boccaporto’s external surface has a special sound-proof design. The depth of its interior section supports this feature and prevents any sound from being transferred. The outer coating available in color alternatives and the inner shell unit meet on the front surface creating a minimal edging detail. Another outstanding feature of Boccaporto is its cable equipment which is not seen at first glance. Boccaporto has a disguised self-packing wire socket unit at the lower base and it also offers a LED lighting opportunity in the interior. Additionally Boccaporto provides 2 USB outputs.

The jury judged “Boccaporto offers in a very appealing way a concept of acoustic damped space, which is much needed in the modern office sector. The piece of furniture persuades with high comfort combined with minimal required space. The appealing processing emanates a high value.”
Boccaporto was designed by the renowned design agency Metrica, Milano based design studio with an international reputation for the unique approach to contemporary furniture design.