Workinton Coworking Success

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Workinton, which was established with the name Urban Station in 2012 to allow mobile and corporate employees to come up with creative ideas and enjoy work environments, became an escape point from the chaos of the urban life at the time. Today, Workinton defines itself as “a country that declared its independence to allow more productivity for the employees” with a structure that is spread to many more locations.

Each Workinton branch offers concentration boosting interior design, ergonomic furniture that cares about physical well-being, alerting snacks and music broadcast that improves working prowess; and thus provides high motivation. In the branches, the communication between corporate firms and “start-ups” as well as socialization opportunities for employees have all been considered in detail.

Koleksiyon designs such as Atos Desk Systems, Dilim and Ikaros Sofas as well as Pub Poufs can be found in Workinton’s new branches. These designs include products that allow individual or group work and that make it possible to socialize. In general, common cafeteria areas with Guamba Coffee Tables in combination with Cantata Chairs and Suri Poufs are preferred as much as open office spaces with Borges and Partita Desk Systems in combination with colorful Tristan and Halia Office Chairs and personal concentration zones with Cap Single Working Units providing a silent harbor. Workinton also plans to use Koleksiyon designs in its other branches in Turkey that are being renovated.