Designed by the Italian design office Studio Kairos for Koleksiyon, Redlac is a modular seating system developed for workspaces and free fields as hotel lounges and hospital waiting rooms.

Redlac, named after the famous artist Alexander Calder renowned for his abstract mobile sculptures, consists of four different pouf units and one aluminum tray. Redlac, which allows pouf units to be connected to one another in various ways, enables its user to create a sheer number of different combinations. The modules are connected to one another with special fittings and thus they can be shaped according to various requirements and wishes. Ready-to-use mounting holes have been opened underside the relevant units of all pouf modules by considering any various combination options.

Redlac’s right-side, left-side and center pouf models have wooden frames. The wooden frames instill the energy of the massive fir material into the spirit of the design. Each pouf unit may be in the same color or they can become attuned to the place to be used in by choosing them in different colors.

As to the preference of its user, Redlac can be with or without sockets. Thanks to its rotatable inner casing, the socket set ensures that the sockets become disguised by being rotated when not used. The inner casing is automatically rotated by means of the little black button located next to the socket set and the disguised sockets become ready-to use again. Redlac’s socket set includes 2 child-proof power sockets, 1 USB output, 1 HDMI output and 1 CAT5 Ethernet port. These electric connections are included into the design as a plain detail by virtue of zippers used on the pouf surface.