An abstract way of defining space in the open layout.

Megaron is designed by Studio Kairos as an abstract way of defining space in the open layout. The series is designed in the principles of "open work" where all architects can organise the layout and the height and the composition of the colours & textures of each single panel and their interrelation to their own way of planning.

The panels are constructed with a very light inner metal core structure, aluminium extruded base covers on the top and the bottom, and steel vertical tubes as the mainframe. This structure is then covered by smoke retardant Styrofoam panels in A1 norm, that are injected in several sizes and shapes. Each panel surface has an inner frame in a special bent steel profile. These foams are upholstered individually, and then the system is assembled without the need of a tool, thanks to clever connection parts that are injection moulded polyacetal (POM) specially designed for this system.

Each single tile can be planned in a different colour if wished so, and the tiles can be configured either in a vertically linear lining or in a brick tiling technique, again the decision being open for the architect.