An abstract stacking of volumes that provide a rich variety of utilities.

Tube is designed by Studio Kairos as an abstract stacking of volumes that provide a rich variety of utilities. While the cabinets serve as storage units, the empty spaces created between the volumes present exciting alternative areas of use, both to store or to display.

Tube is designed as a fresh solution for storing documents and objects in the new work habitat. Replacing the rhythmically replicated typical file cabinet with doors, the design brings a new approach to the layout options and use of alternative volumes and spaces created while composing its elements.

The main element is a single box as the building block. The system is designed to accomodate regular and ordered compositions as well as "chaotic stacking" to realize abstract installations. The architect or space planner can develop the desired composition with the customer accordingly.

Each box is designed to resemble a tube due to its constuctive elements, as the surrounding surface panels are extruded out of the two sides. The handle is concealed in a cut-through opening detail. This cut line is either above or below the cabinet depending on the direction of the door opening.

According to their positioned height and function, the cabinet modules have door options for; opening up, folding down or pull-out drawers. With its refined outlines and detailing, the box has more of a sculptural effect than that of a furniture with doors or handles.

The way the compositions are used, brings a unique character to the product for each set up, where life begins in the voids among the volumes, books, for magazines, flowers, lamps, ceramic or glassware, etc., composed in the principles of "open work", no project would look alike, even using the same elements.